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You probably arrived at this page as you've seen one of our promotional leaflets or stumbled on us via Google or one of the other search engines and have seen that we offer a FREE Assessment Ride.

We offer a FREE Assessment Ride as it is never too late (or early) to improve your riding skills. Every motorcyclist / biker, whatever you call yourself, whatever you ride, however long you have been riding, can benefit from the skills you will learn preparing for the Institute of Advanced Motorists test. These skills will make you a safer, smoother and more responsible rider. With these attributes comes the added benefit of enjoying your riding more, being proud of how you ride, and having a sense of satisfaction when you know those skills have been put to good use.

So what will happen on the Assessment Ride?

You'll meet with one of our Observers and after an initial briefing they will follow you over a mixture of roads to have a look at your riding. There'll be a couple of stops, usually one will be at a cafe or tearoom. There you'll be able to discuss your riding with the Observer and get feedback on things that could be improved or be of benefit to your riding. Obviously this will just be a taster of what would be fully covered if you decided take the IAM 'Skill for Life' package.

The next step

So, what are you waiting for? Fill in the Contact Form below, and take a FREE Assessment Ride with one of Oxford Group Advanced Motorcyclists' Observers. They will provide you with valuable feedback, tell you about IAM's Skill for Life package, and the many social activities of the group. We look forward to hearing from you.

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